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Welcome to Eskan

Professional and easy to operate solutions for audio and video covert surveillance, counter-surveillance, RF jamming and Night vision - designed primarily for law enforcement agencies and military operations worldwide.


Uncovering potential security breaches without alerting the covert surveillance operators. State of the art sweep equipment will identify previously unknown security weaknesses through body worn, portable or static detectors.

Covert audio and video surveillance

An impressive range of wired and RF audio and video surveillance products for mission critical operations. The equipment can operate from inside or outside the target environment and can be used in most surveillance conditions. Where the voice or video is not clear, cleaning and enhancing processes can be used.

RF jamming

Intelligent and adaptive jamming solutions, through programmable hand held, portable and vehicle based jamming equipment, have been developed to protect law enforcement and military personnel from the danger of explosive devices using RF triggered detonators, and to prevent radio frequency surveillance and tactical information leaks from cell phones.

Night vision

 Light weight and compact binoculars and weapon sights enable feature recognition at night and firing accuracy. The rugged and easy to use low light surveillance equipment can also provide video recording and photographic quality stills capture.